School holds college Skype sessions

Jake Knatz, Contributing Writers

Schreiber has started to utilize technology by conducting Skype sessions with universities. Students know that the college process can be very stressful. Balancing schoolwork, applications, preparing for exams and having a social life is considered difficult. Extra time is therefore very limited, so there is little time to interact with admissions officers. Guidance director Mr. Hank Hardy believed, there just had to be a better way.

Mr. Hardy pioneered an initiative to host Skype sessions with universities.

“One of the things we wanted to do was to think of a better way to connect students to counselors,” said Mr. Hardy.

Video chatting with admissions officers via Skype instead of in person is efficient, and it is becoming more popular in the business world.

Skype saves students, parents, and staff time, but it also benefits university staff.

“By being able to now allow counselors to talk to students at their desk saves money for the college, and helps students develop relationships with them,” said Mr. Hardy.

Instead of traveling to our school, they can now get the same message across to students while sitting at their desk.

Students consider Skype sessions more flexible and convenient for everyone.

“I thought it was a helpful and easy way to learn about the university,” said junior Annie Connors, “It was convenient to ask questions directly to the admissions counselor without having to contact him outside of school.”

If students cannot attend the Skype session, they can still obtain college information because each Skype session is broadcasted online. These recordings are stored in a virtual library. Students can watch previous Skype sessions of a college they are interested in by going to the virtual library. The Skype sessions are meant to help students obtain a better understanding of the school and have questions answered in their homes.

In these video chats, admissions officers cover the college application process, the associated timeline, and financial aid resources, and they hold a Q&A session. Students are encouraged to build a relationship with the admissions counselors.

These Skype sessions are fairly new; however, the general response is positive.

“From the first two we’ve had with Michigan and Indiana, the students and parents had very positive reactions,” said Mr. Hardy.

There have only been a few sessions so far. In January, the school will begin to hold Skype sessions every Tuesday and Thursday.  A schedule of the Skype sessions will soon be posted on  the Portnet website.