Building Upgrades

Kevin Hazan, Contributing Writer

The district’s Community Facilities Bond Committee (CFBC), along with the school administrators, will be hosting tours throughout the district to show community members different upgrades the district hopes to implement. Upgrades are being considered for both the school and the sports programs, including the creation of designated science labs, refurbishing of the bathrooms, expansion of the auditorium and cafeteria, and a more hi-tech security system.
“I believe that these upgrades will be a huge asset to our students’ learning process,” said Assistant Principal Mr. Miller. “This whole process also has been smooth and fair to all parties involved.”
In addition to school upgrades, the CFBC and school administrators want to upgrade the sports program. This includes building bleachers and installing lights on the turf field. There is also the possibility of changing the two side fields into turf fields in order to enrich the lacrosse and field hockey programs.
A major change coming to the sports program is side fields being created for the baseball and softball teams.
“Our main goal is to bring varsity baseball and varsity softball back on campus,” said Athletics Director Ms. Stephanie Joannon. “And to upgrade other fields where our teams and community sports teams could take advantage of the exceptional facilities.”
While a variety of different upgrades are being discussed for the school district, nothing is concrete. The vote for this bond will take place in February.