Uptown Rosso puts the pizzazz in brick oven pizza

Izzy Gold, Aliza Herz, and

If the thought of another pizzeria in Port makes your tummy turn and stomach growl, here’s some advice: feed them with food from Pepe Rosso Uptown.

Pepe Rosso Uptown, located at 52 Main Street, made its debut on Aug. 29.  Many people believe that this restaurant is just another pizzeria, something that this town does not need any more of.  However, Pepe Rosso Uptown is far from a generic pizzeria so do not worry; it is a unique artisanal pizzeria and restaurant, and a spinoff of Pepe Rosso 24 in Manorhaven.

Rosso Uptown is different from the other pizzerias in Port.  During the warm months the front windows open to create an open feeling within the restaurant. Customers who sit near the window are able to watch the excitement and action of Main Street as they enjoy their meal.  Unlike its partner restaurant in Manorhaven, Rosso Uptown is located in a more populated section of Port, which is more convenient for customers who like to be in town during meal times.

Pepe Rosso 24’s menu features a wide variety of Italian-style food.  They have many options, even if you are a pickey eater, which makes it easy for anyone to find something that they like.  Pepe Rosso Uptown is similar, but has more of a pizzeria style restaurant when compared to its downtown location.  Known for their brick oven pizza, Rosso Uptown has become a huge success since its opening at the end of the summer. Most pizzerias in Port do not offer brick oven pizza like Rosso Uptown, which is what sets it apart from the others.

Each location’s menu, while essentially Italian, offers unique foods.  For example, the downtown restaurant offers a certain set of soups, but the uptown location offers a different, yet somewhat similar, set of soups.  Things like this separate the two menus from one another.

“I love the Rigatoni Siciliana, but I have found it much better from the Pepe Rosso located in Manorhaven, it just is not the same at the uptown location. It is certainly worth a try, however, because I know others who enjoy this new location even more,” said junior Emma Rosenberg.

There are varying opinions within members of the Port Washington community over which restaurant is better.  Students at Schreiber who have been to both restaurants and have developed a strong love for their favorite dishes making it difficult for many to favor one restaurant over the other.

Most people who have been to the restaurants seem to love the menus.  However, there have been complaints from customers who go to Pepe Rosso Uptown that the service is extremely slow.

“Part of the reason why I enjoy Pepe Rosso 24 more than the uptown location is because when I went there the restaurant was very crowded so the service was terrible and I had to wait so long for my food,” said Rosenberg.

On the other hand, some students have become avid Rosso Uptown goers, and feel rather neutral over their Uptown versus 24 preference.

“I am a huge fan of the personal pizzas at Pepe Rosso Uptown,” said junior Blake Dolin.  “I go there all the time.”

While there are many different opinions concerning the menu and service at Pepe Rosso Uptown from residents of the Port Washington community, what we do know is that the new restaurant is unique, fun, and definitely an experience for everyone! Besides after a long day at school, who wouldn’t enjoy a nice slice of brick oven pizza with a tall, cold glass of soda.