View of the Viking: Adeline Lerner

Maddie Cohen, Features Editor

After hearing about the recent bake sale bans, junior Adeline Lerner decided to do something about this issue.  As a passionate baker, Lerner devotes her free time to learning new recipes and baking delicious desserts for her peers.  During her sophomore year, Lerner came up with the idea of starting her own baking club, as she wanted to share her hobby with other students.

Starting a baking club seemed easy at first.  However, with the new food guidelines, it was difficult to bring this dream to fruition.  Yet Lerner did not give up on her goals as she knew that something could be done.  Instead of baking more goods, she worked to create recipes that would fit the health policies and taste delicious.

The food guidelines are mandated by the United States of Agricultures, under the Food and Nutrition Service that serves the federal government.  Although not every school has admitted these guidelines, as of this year Schreiber chooses to follow them.

Initially, Lerner went to Mr. Weiss, who spoke with her about the school’s  health goals.  After receiving instructions on how to start a new club, Lerner spoke with Ms. Margaret Rizzo of the family and consumer sciences department, who almost immediately was on board with the club.  Lerner then handed in a proposal to Assistant Principal Ms. Julie Torres, who regulates school clubs.

Although she only needed thirty student signatures, Lerner ended up getting fifty in favor of the club’s creation. After waiting a few months, the club was approved.

The club started off by making simple, tasty, and healthy snacks.

“We want to try to bake cupcakes and cookies, but the club will begin with snacks like popcorn in order to learn about the food guidelines and get more comfortable with them before we take on brownies or cookies, because we have to develop a healthier mindset,” said Lerner. “However, on weekend or night events, after the school day, which ends at 3:35, we can bake whatever we want, outside the guidelines.”

The club’s recipes are approved by an online software that reads recipe nutrition facts.  The club aims to have healthy bake sales from which it could raise money to distribute to financially struggling clubs.

“Our goal is to use the food guidelines as motivation for students to create recipes that fit the guidelines, so we can bring back bake sales and stop associating baking with fatty, sugary, and buttery desserts to make healthy yet delicious food,” said Lerner.

Schreiber’s baking club meets on Mondays once a month at 3:15 in room 103 and is open to everyone, even those who do not know how to bake.  Lerner and Ms. Rizzo are looking for new, creative, and delicious recipes to add to their cookbook, so make sure to join the baking crave!