Editorials: Closed library computer lab

The Schreiber Times

While walking by the library most mornings, it is not uncommon to see a large crowd of students waiting in front of locked doors.  Although most school buses arrive before 7:30, the librarians usually do not open the library and the library computer lab to students until well after that time.

Students do not have a quiet area to work in the morning, right before their classes start. The lab in the English office is usually somewhat noisy and fills up with students quickly, and the Social Studies department lab is closed before 8:00 a.m. So for many, the library is their only option.

We at the Schreiber Times believe that students need a place to work before school that opens when they get there, not a place in which they need to wait in front of locked doors for much of their precious time before school.

In addition, if students are unable to print assignments from home, the supposed availability of computers in the mornings usually discounts the former as an excuse. But how can students print their homework and get credit if the lab in the library is not available to them during the time before school?