View of the Viking: Evan Gilmore

Ilana Grabiner and Maddie Lane

If you’ve ever spotted a kid wearing a funky hat in the hallway, no need to be confused. It was probably junior Evan Gilmore, otherwise and more specifically referred to as Lord Evan Gilmore.

As you could probably guess, Evan is not your average high school student.  He is a unique and fascinating person who possesses extraordinary confidence.

Firstly, let’s address his magnificent title: Lord Gilmore.  He received lordship from the Northern Principality of Sealand after his parents donated fifty dollars. It’s pretty official.

Still, Gilmore was not completely satisfied with being the lord of the small island, so he requested a title of royalty from the United States of America.  Although this offer was denied, it takes great nerve to contact our country’s top officials with such a request.  But of course, Gilmore did not let this bring him down.  He still dreams of becoming the emperor of our country and renaming it, “The Separated States of Gilmoria.”  Ambitious, definitely, but who ever got anywhere while holding back?

“Yeah, I heard Evan’s a Lord. That’s pretty cool,” said sophomore Christian Hill.

Often times, you will see Gilmore wearing a large crown to represent his royal status.  However, this is not his only headpiece.  Lord Gilmore owns over thirty hats, including a top hat, a beret, and a purple hat.  He first started wearing them after seeing “Alice in Wonderland” in sixth grade.

Wearing a different hat everyday is not only a form of amusement for Evan.“Wearing cool hats is my way of battling the ultimate evil, also known as conformity,” said Gilmore

It is obvious that Lord Gilmore has no interest in blending in with the masses.

Gilmore’s hats have a way of catching people’s attention. At this point, hats are Evan’s staple accessory.  He sports a different head piece everyday, rain or shine, morning to night.

“I remember the first time I saw Evan, I was in fifth grade.  I was like, ‘Who’s this kid with the crazy hat?’” said sophomore Naome Sajnani.

If you have ever spoken to Lord Gilmore, you know he is very funny.  In fact, he is a stand-up comedian.  It’s no surprise that thus far, he has performed in three comedy shows in the city.  The first two he said went well, but he called his most recent show a disaster.

Still, Gilmore will not let this small setback get in his way; he foresees more stand-up comedy in the future.  In fact, he states, “I am going to be the world’s most famous actor and comedian.”

It’s clear that no matter the obstacle, Evan remains positive, getting right back up even when he is knocked down, a pretty important characteristic for anyone with such big dreams.

No one can guess what else is in Evan Gilmore’s future, but what we do know is that it will be certainly extraordinary. After all, how many sixteen-year-old lords do you know?