Aca-mazing students harmonize in newest club

Celia Tsampas, Staff Writer

A capella is a form of singing without any instrument except for one’s voice. What’s unique about this music style is that it can be performed absolutely anywhere at anytime, as it doesn’t require any outside instruments.

A capella has become increasingly popular in today’s culture, with groups like Pentatonix or Glee’s Warblers, and movies like Pitch Perfect. Now, Schreiber has joined the craze with its very own a capella group.

The creator of this new club is junior Sarah DeMarino. She fell in love with a capella the very first time she heard it.

“It’s so powerful, and the fact that it’s such a team activity to make all purely human music—no instruments or anything—it is amazing,” said DeMarino.

Her goals for the club are to learn and master the art of a capella and then perform it for the whole community.

A capella is a close and supportive community; it involves a great amount of teamwork and cooperation to make this type of music. Everyone has to be dedicated and patient, and they have to be in complete harmony.

“These are people you will become so close to, working together to make something so seemingly simple and beautiful. It is really something everyone should be exposed to at some point. It has so much positive energy and is a blast!” said DeMarino.

Members of the club auditioned to get in and meet every Tuesday morning. Fall auditions for the group have already passed, but there will be more auditions held throughout the year.  Also, Sarah DeMarino will answer any questions regarding the club.

The new club is extremely versatile and willing to sing everything, from classics to modern pop tunes.

The songs that they perform are suggested by individual club members and voted on by the club as a whole.

While DeMarino is the sole founder of the group, there are others who played major roles in the creation of the club.

Ms. Gloria Vaserstein has been committed from the very beginning. After the process of filling out paperwork for the club last year, DeMarino took a small group to an a capella boot camp over the summer to learn the ropes of the activity.

Members of that group now comprise the board of the club.

Despite the fact that this club is brand new, DeMarino and the other members have big plans for the future of Schreiber’s team.

They one day hope to be able to compete among other high schools across the country with the same love for a capella.