Boys volleyball works throughout season to qualify for playoffs

Justin Suzzan, Staff Writer

The boys varsity volleyball team has been known for competing at a high level each season, having had strong results recently in the Class A Conference.  Port shares this conference with powerhouse teams such as Massapequa and Plainview.

More than halfway through the season, the team finds itself in a tough spot with a 3-7 record.  Many players are still confident about the season and they know that they are capable of much more.

“The wins and losses don’t reflect how good the season is going.  We have played well at times but we are simply too inconsistent,” said senior captain Zach Jimenez.

Throughout the season, losses have been close and hard fought games that could have gone either way.  The team knows that even though it may not have been able to produce wins in these close matches, it is still improving each day.

“We’ve definitely talked a lot about the difference between being successful and winning and I think we can draw positives out of most of our matches this year, whether we won or lost.  It’s about being able to get better every day as we inch closer and closer to the Class A playoffs,” said sophomore Daniel Dash.

Although the team is not on top in the conference, it has still had some impressive performances outside of conference play.

Last month, at the annual Port Washington Invitational, Port hosted 15 other schools from around Long Island in an all-day tournament at Schreiber.  In the finals, the team played rival Massapequa, battled through an intense match, and came out on top.

“We certainly have the talent to excel and be a dominant team.  We’ve showed glimpses of our talent, such as at the Invitational, but there’s that one thing we can’t seem to find,” said senior captain Kevin Hazan.

The Vikings will look to rebound during the second half of the season, looking to its team leaders: Hazan, Jimenez, and senior Andrew Kerr.

“They are constantly motivating us and trying every day to make us better.  We see how they want to win so bad, and that makes us want to win even more,” said sophomore Matt Levine.

Ever since the boys won the county championships in 2013, the team has been recognized as an elite squad in Nassau County during both the regular season and the postseason.  The team is eager to avenge its losses during the season, and knock off its biggest competition in Class A, Massapequa.

“Despite our record and what people say, we know we are still in playoff contingence.  We just need to keep coming to practice every day and work as hard as possible, and push one another to be the best we can,” said Hazan.

While the Vikings may have had a more challening regular season, some believe this will motivate them to succeed.

“Seeing the team so strong when i was younger  has now given me the responsibility as a captain to keep up a dominant team,” said Kerr.