10 Halloween movies to keep you screaming and singing all season



The mysterious villain of Scream wears the iconic ghostface mask, concealing his identity as he faces off with the film’s heroine Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell.

Ilana Hill, A&E Editor

1. Halloween

Is a holiday really a holiday if it doesn’t have a movie named after it? This classic horror film embodies the Halloween spirit in more than name alone.

The 1978 film, by legendary horror director John Carpenter, tells the tale of Michael Myers, a man who the mental hospital where he has been institutionalized for 15 years the night before Halloween to wreak havoc on his hometown.

This film is an obvious Halloween staple and is especially ideal for horror film lovers.

2. Halloweentown

Like Halloween, this movie is another hit with “Halloween” in the title, but this film could not be farther from the aforementioned horror classic. Halloweentown is a Disney Channel original movie (or, as all the cool kids know, a DCOM for short), and a particularly unique and inventive one at that.

The 1998 comedic adventure focuses on the story of Marnie Piper, who, after learning she is a witch, helps to save a town of supernatural creatures. For those who are still children at heart, and are not fans of scary movies, Halloweentown is the perfect family-friendly alternative.

3. Hocus Pocus

You know a movie is family-friendly when they play it annually on ABC Family Freeform. Hocus Pocus is about three witch sisters who are resurrected on Halloween night in Salem, Massachusetts.

Audience will be sure to enjoy the comedic chaos that follows their return, and the strong performances by famous actresses Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy. This movie is a Halloween staple that is perfect for audiences of all ages.

4. Twitches

Another classic DCOM to make our list, Twitches tells the story about a pair of twin witches (hence the super clever title) who discover their powers and true identities as they unite to face the forces of evil.

This exciting film, which stars real-life twins Tia and Tamera Mowry, famous for their 1994 television show Sister, Sister, is sure to be a hit for young girls as well as overly nostalgic teenagers.

5. Scream

Back in the vein of horror movies, Scream is a classic, but not because it’s extremely scary. Scream is more self-aware than most slasher films, and is considered to have revolutionized the “teen scream” genre. The movie is almost satirical, taking the time to poke fun at horror film clichés, while still providing plenty of excitement and gore. This movie is an ideal horror film for curious viewers and horror fanatics alike.

6. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Don’t let the title deceive you: this is without a doubt a Halloween movie. As Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween town, wanders into Christmas town, he becomes fascinated with this new idea of Christmas joy. Through musical numbers and superb animation, legendary director Tim Burton creates an utterly unique and strange adventure that will have audiences of all ages humming along.

7. Rocky Horror Picture Show

With a new live-action version and its massive cult following, Rocky Horror remains a relevant staple in the vein of horror-comedy musicals (is that a thing? I think it’s a thing.).

As Brad and Janet stumble into the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter on a rainy night, they get way more than they bargain for.

To say that this movie is unique and bizarre doesn’t even begin to cover it. Rocky Horror is a memorable movie, perfect for Halloween, or any other time of year.

8. The Shining

Often deemed one of the greatest horror films of our time, The Shining is simply one of the movies that every horror fan must watch.

This classic psychological horror masterpiece never fails to give its audience thrills and chills, transporting them to the ever-frightening Overlook hotel. This movie is a must-watch for movie buffs and horror enthusiasts, and is always a good choice for Halloween.

9. The Babadook

A newspaper staff favorite, The Babadook uses horror to explore the sadness and complexity that comes with the violent loss of a loved one. This dramatic and frightening Australian film is as intelligent as it is thrilling, and is sure to satisfy audiences in the mood for a fantastic horror film.

10. Psycho

A classic Hitchcock film that delivers iconic thrills and complex villains, Psycho is a movie choice that will never disappoint. This iconic 1960 movie follows Marion Crane on her fateful trip to The Bates Motel. Norman Bates, the hotel’s manager, has since become a classic horror villain, and has most recently featured in the prequel television series Bates Motel. With its iconic scenes and themes, Psycho is a must-watch that is sure to delight viewers on Halloween night.