Charity drives set out to improve the lives of many

Key Club and English Honors Society run iPod and book drives


Emily Ma

The donation cart is located in front of the English department, and is constantly accepting new and lightly used books.

Hannah Smith, Contributing Writer

This month, the Key Club and English Honor Society are running charity drives for iPods and books, respectively.  Through donations and volunteer work, the organization Music and Memory, in association with the Key club, helps patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Being that these illnesses cause one to lose memory and their character, music can act as an agent to unlock memories and restore the patients’ personalities.

The organization’s approach is to simply train care professionals how to set up personalized music playlists, delivered on iPods and other digital devices, for those in their care.

“I think it is fantastic how research has advanced to find the therapeutic benefits of personalized music and that I have now become a part of this research by donating an iPod to the cause,” said sophomore Carter Shields.

Sophomore Jagger Moskowitz, who is running Key Club’s drive, got involved with the organization by following in his brother’s footsteps, as he began fundraising a few years prior.

The main reason for the Moskowitz family involvement is Jagger’s grandmother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease seven years ago, which caused her to lose her character over time.

“The one thing that did bring up her spirit, and in a way brought her to life, was listening to her favorite music from her past.  Music somehow was able to unlock memories from her past, and she gained more and more personality the more music we played,” said Moskowitz.

To extend his involvement in the organization, Jagger, in conjunction with Key Club, are holding several events in school. Boxes will be dropped off in health classrooms where all donations of iPods, or any necessary items for patients who cannot afford them, are accepted and appreciated.  Furthermore, Key Club is selling objects such as pens and stickers from the organization to help fundraise money for the cause.

“As a board member, I’m happy Key Club made an event out of this cause to raise awareness and to help,” said sophomore Chloe Smith.

On the other hand, the English Honor Society is also invested in helping a local charity, Book Fairies. This charity creates a “fairy tale” story by donating thousands of books a year to high poverty schools and organizations across Long Island and the metropolitan New York.

The reading materials foster literacy and academic success, provide a respite from personal struggles, and nurture a love of reading across age groups. The charity holds and provides several programs and events, such as free book fairs, student reading group sets, and incarcerated youth.

“I think the charity Book Fairies is so excellent because it gives all children across Long Island the same opportunity to appreciate literature and excel as a student,” said senior Amelia Zeh.

The English Honor Society chose to hold Schreiber’s very own book drive to be donated to the wonderful charity.  All slightly used and new books are greatly appreciated.

“You can donate books in the box outside the English office all through February,” said senior Sam D’alonzo.