Beauty and the Beast waltzes onto the big screen


The remake of Beauty and the Beast received amazing reviews from critics and fans. Emma Watson’s performance as Belle and Dan Steven’s as the Beast have been highly praised.

Chelsea Mishan, Staff Writer

Disney’s highly anticipated live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast hit theaters on March 17. With Emma Watson playing Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, the movie has already begun smashing box office records and amazing audiences everywhere.

The story is about a shallow young prince who casts aside an enchantress disguised as a beggar. As punishment for his arrogance, the prince is turned into a horrible beast and the rest of his household staff into inanimate objects.

Belle, the heroine of the film, is young, beautiful, and independent. When an altercation causes her father, played by Kevin Kline, to become a prisoner of the Beast in his dark, inhospitable castle, she trades places with him. As she adjusts to her life in the enchanted castle, she becomes friends with the castle’s unusual staff.

“The movie stayed true to the classic and added even more magic with the costumes, music, and cast. I was amazed to see it pass my expectations from the original.” said Junior Victoria Langro.

A major component of the film’s charm was the collection of famous actors who play the different antiques and household object, including Cogsworth the clock, played by Sir Ian Mckellen, and his best friend Lumiere, a candelabra played by Ewan McGregor.

Belle learns to adapt to the enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the beast’s physical appearance, allowing her to realize who he is on the inside. Gaston (Luke Evans), the arrogant antagonist, wants to kill the beast so that he can marry Belle.

Love triumphs, Gaston and his plan are destroyed, breaking the spell and allowing Belle and the prince to live happily ever after.

The Beauty and the Beast remake also gave the Beast a more complete background story, which was something the original film glossed over. The combination of new backstories and familiar characters made the updated version an instant fan favorite.

“The movie blew me away. I did not expect for the remake to be as good, maybe even better, than the original. The songs added for the new movie fit in perfectly with the film, the costumes were very similar to the classic, and overall everything was as magical as the original film,” said sophomore Kailey Gallagher. “I would definitely see it again.”

Of course, a Disney movie wouldn’t be a Disney movie without music! Along with the original Beauty and the Beast songs, the 2017 remake added three new songs: “Evermore”, which was sung by the Beast, “How Does a Moment Last Forever”, which was sung by Belle’s Father, and “Days in the Sun”, sung by the Beast after he turns back into a prince. Along with these songs, John Legend and Ariana Grande released a modern rendition of the classic song, “Beauty and the Beast” for the end credits.

“I didn’t think it would be possible for Disney to top the original cartoon, but they did! The costumes were absolutely beautiful, the sets and props were larger than life, and all the numbers were beautifully done. I thought that “Evermore” was an amazing addition to the traditional score,” said junior Sarah Mannix.

By redoing one of its most iconic films, Disney has managed to create yet another classic for future generations to fall in love with. The magical new version definitely did justice to the original, combining new songs and plot elements with the classic tale we all know and love.