Captain’s Corner: Girls track off to a great start

Daniel Dash, Staff Writer

Daniel Dash: Hello, Schreiber sports fanatics!  Today, I’m here with seniors Megan Bazzini and Lucy Hurt, two of the 2017-18 Port Washington Girls Winter Track captains, to discuss this winter’s Girls Winter Track season.

Lucy Hurt: Thanks for having us!

DD: First and foremost, how do you plan on collaborating and using your captaincies to help the team reach its full potential?

MB: The four captains each represent the four different groups of our team: field event (senior Celia Christake), long distance (Hurt), middle distance (me), and sprinting (senior Saige Gitlin).  Though we all get to train with different groups of girls, we come together at meets and cheer one another on.  This season, our goal is to win the Division Championships for the fifth year in a row.

DD: That’s great!  Now that you’re seniors and you’ve gotten the chance to work with lots of great athletes over the course of your careers, which former or current teammate have you drawn the most inspiration or motivation from?

MB: That’s a tough one.  We all look up to last year’s captains because they have been role models for us since we were freshmen.  As a unit, they really helped to motivate the team and lead us towards our 2016-17 Conference Championship.

DD: I’m glad you got to learn from the best.  Now it’s time to have a little fun with this final question.  What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about  your favorite part of running winter track?

LH: My favorite part is definitely being with all the girls on the team.  We are all really close, especially because not many people tend to enjoy working out in the freezing cold!

MB: The best part of winter track is by far the the team.  We look forward to running with our friends every single day ‒ even on Saturdays at 7:00 a.m. in less than 32ºF  weather.  There’s something about that situation that really bonds us all together.  Another one of the best parts is the way Coach Pope tells hilarious jokes without even realizing it!

DD: The team sounds like a great group of determined athletes.  Good luck on your quest to win your fifth consecutive Division Championship and enjoy the holidays!