Highlighted Artist: Michael Bublé

Joe Clark, Staff Writer

Michael Bublé is a Canadian pop singer with a deep, sonorous voice.  Bublé sings with many different styles, which include pop, jazz, show tune, swing, and blue-eyed soul.  He is best known for his christmas album, Christmas, which was released in 2011 and was on the Top Billboard 200 Albums for five weeks.  The album features many holiday classics, all of which include Bublé’s his own twists to accommodate his operatic voice.

“I love Michael Bublé,” said junior Pamela Stern. “His voice is so smooth and it really gets me into the holiday spirit whenever I hear his Christmas music.”

Most recently, Bublé released Nobody But Me in 2016, which included hit songs like “Nobody But Me,” and “Someday,” which features Meghan Trainor.

Surprisingly, Bublé did not always want to be a singer. When he was younger, he desperately wanted to become a hockey player, but started his singing career when he turned sixteen years old.  With the help of his grandparents, Bublé become a star, as they supported his singing lessons and gigs. Bublé also credits his love for jazz music to his grandfather.  After winning a Canadian youth contest, he found a manager, and for the next seven years worked hard in booking countless events on cruises, at clubs, and at talent shows.  His career finally took off in 2000, when he was discovered by a producer after singing at a wedding.  Since then, Bublé has been nominated for nine Grammys and has won four.  Michael Bublé is an accomplished singer and a perennial Christmas favorite who built his career with the support of his family and years of hard work.