New York Fashion Week unites fashion lovers, designers, and models


Vogue Australia

Models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid walk in new York Fashion Week every year; however, this year Jenner chose to walk in a limited amount of shows.

Serena Tapia, Staff Writer

ew York Fashion Week (NYFW) is a highly anticipated event that occurs twice a year in Manhattan, New York City.  It is a great way for designers to showcase their upcoming work and attract potential buyers attending the show who are interested in purchasing highly fashionable pieces of clothing.

The location of this year’s September NYFW changed from tents in Lincoln Center and Bryant Park to Spring Studios in Tribeca.

Famous designer brands such as INNX, Laurence & Chico, and Pyer Moss decided to present their work off-site in different venues throughout New York City.  Nevertheless, NYFW kicked off the week with elaborate pieces from each designer’s Fall collection that diversified the fashion community. 

“I think New York Fashion Week is interesting because of how people express different things with their clothing.  For some people it might be like ‘only models walking with weird clothes’ but I really think that it is part of expression of the designers.  It is like art for them,” said senior Anais Puentes.

 More than a week has been dedicated towards this event as NYFW started Sept. 5th through the 12th.  All of these new styles created by multiple designers have been the center of attention of not only New York City, but to people worldwide as well.

Approximately 112,000 people have attended the fashion week, and more than 30 different countries with 250 foreign designers were represented at press.  The arrivals of the latest collections from different designer companies were displayed each day.

NYFW is known for being a very exclusive event, attended through invite only.  This gives a chance for the buyers to have an exclusive view of the different collections on display. 

Given the restricted invitation list, writers of different websites, newspapers, and magazines take the opportunity to show the public the insider view of what happens in the runways.  Getting tickets to the shows is hard since they are limited to potential buyers and the press, but front row seats are known for being reserved for celebrities.  

Famous female celebrities were spotted at the fashion show during different parts of each day, whether it was on the runways or the front row.  Celebrities such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton, and more were present at this sumptuous event. 

But NYFW is not only limited to women.  Other celebrities such as Jeff Goldblum, Jeremy Renner, and Adam Shulman were also spotted at events throughout the fashion week.

“There’s lots of different styles because people are putting themselves out there more than ever,” said junior Emily Appel.  “I think fashion week is an opportunity to draw attention to the designers’ hard work.”

Fashion has had such an influence that this massive production is held in the biggest city of the U.S., and gathers more than 50 different designers from all over the world.

This event has not only been a representation of innovative designs, but a trendy movement known for its statement against social injustices through designer themes.

New York is known to be a place where everyone feels free to express themselves however they want.  The first week of September, fashion week was an extravagant event and it brought the attention of many from all around the world. 

Pleased with the turnout of the event, the fashion industries packed their stuff, headed home, and started getting ready for the next NYFW in February.