There’s something new coming to Riverdale and it’s not the Black Hood


Riverdale fans have been anxiously waiting all to see what will happen next with Archie and the gang. Season 3 is said to be full of new twists and turns.

Frankie Ader, Staff Assisstant

Riverdale fans everywhere are excited to watch the new season of Riverdale. Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day, the first episode of season three, aired on Oct. 10th and has already been watched by millions. The episode stars KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, and Camila Mendes. The show made a quick turn this season from murder, to supernatural events. 

“I really liked the first episode and I’m so excited the show is back on,” said sophomore Daniela Giaramita.

The episode starts off with the closing statement from the murder trial of Archie Andrews. Archie’s mother, and his lawyer, tries to fight for her son’s freedom throughout the episode. The jury had trouble deciding the verdict of this case, so it became a hung jury until they could reach a conclusion. While the jury was deciding, Archie cherished his Labor Day weekend, which he spent with his friends Betty, Veronica, and Jughead.

Finally, the judge declares that if Archie pleads guilty to manslaughter, he would only receive the punishment of two years in prison. Archie agrees to this immediately, disobeying the opinions of his friends and family. Veronica is extremely mad at her father because he didn’t support her boyfriend, Archie, who was clearly innocent. She says that she does not want to be his daughter anymore. He contradicts her and says that he can’t believe she is willing to choose Archie over her own blood.

Betty’s sister, Polly, tells her mother, Alice, that there was a lot about Betty that she didn’t know. Betty had been taking Adderall over the summer to deal with the pain her father Hal had caused her. Last season, it was revealed that Hal was the Black Hood and had killed many innocent citizens of Riverdale. She came home one night to find her mother and sister participating in a peculiar ritual surrounding the bonfire in their backyard. Betty started to seize when she saw this and nobody knew why. 

“This season is freaky and different than the other seasons so far,” said sophomore Avery Silfin.

In addition to all of this drama, Cheryl Blossom used her talents with a bow and arrow to scare off the enemies of the Serpents, the Ghoulies. These two gangs have been battling on and off throughout last season, and we can expect to see more of this rivalry. 

“The first episode is really good but it’s really scary,” said sophomore Remi Haas.  

At the end of the episode, the audience is introduced to the mystery of The Gargoyle King. Dilton Doiley goes to Jughead’s trailer and is concerned about a role-playing game involving The Gargoyle King. After Dilton goes missing, Jughead takes this game seriously and wonders what it was all about. Jughead goes to search for Dilton, only to find Dilton and Ben lying dead in the middle of the woods naked, with letters carved on their backs. They have blue foam coming out of their mouth. Jughead screams for help, trying to get the boys to wake up. 

Fans are curious to see what the new episodes of season three have in store. Even though the Black Hood is no longer involved, there are so many new and exciting characters and events that have been introduced into the thrilling plot.