Boys bowling team has high hopes as it starts the year perfectly


Kyle Wong

Sophomore Chris Shroyer finishes his bowl in a match against Manhasset on Dec. 12, winning 3-0.

Aphrodite Dimopoulos, Staff Writer

In order to find success in any sport, hard work, dedication, perseverance, and many, many hours of effort must be put in.  The boys bowling team proves that bowling requires the same hard work needed for any other sport at Schreiber, though some may disagree with this sentiment.

The 2017-2018 season for the boys bowling team proved to be one of significant growth and learning.  The team faced many challenging opponents, including the talented opponent Garden City.

Garden City has always held a reputation for having a particularly talented team, and the team especially proved this last year.  While the Port boys bowling team still won a few matches last season, they unfortunately fell to Garden City twice; once being last November in a 0-2 loss and then again last December with an 0-3 loss.

Although this was definitely a disappointment for the players, this by no means stopped them from improving their game.  As this season began, the bowling squad has made quite the impression on their division and the other teams. 

The boys played their first game of the 2018-19 season at their home alley, Herrill Lanes, against Manhasset.  The boys swept Manhasset with a 3-0 win and started off their season on a high note.

Senior Doug Rothman bowled a remarkable score of 253 in the final game, ensuring the boys’ win.  The following day, the boys went back to Herrill Lanes to compete against Roslyn.  This match-up resulted in another outstanding win for the Vikings, who dominated the lanes.

On Dec. 5, the boys played their first away game against Great Neck North, and they were able to continue their winning streak.  Seniors Angelo Novielli and David Suh each had phenomenal averages of 168.  

Going into their fourth game with a strong mentality and goal of keeping their streak alive, the boys managed to sweep yet another school.  This time, the unlucky opponent was Great Neck South.  

On Dec. 10, the team traveled to Roslyn to play the team for a second time. The Vikings secured their fifth straight win, making their record an impressive 5-0.  At Roslyn, Rothman had the high game of 199. 

“Patience is something else I have learned from being on the team. Learning to wait for when my turn to play because it takes the other teams a long time to get to the ally is something many players have to deal with,” said sophomore Junior Varsity player Ryan Klein.

This undefeated start to their season is in direct contribution to the star-studded players on the varsity squad.  The lineup consists of three seniors, Rothman, Novielli, and Suh, and one sophomore, David Weiner.

For each varsity team at the high school level, there are four players who compete.  Each player bowls individually and the highest combined score of each team is put up against each other.  Whichever score is highest claims the victory for the match.  

All the seniors on the team have proved their worth by contributing all of their skill and effort to every game, allowing the team to hold the amazing record it has now.  Along with these incredible seniors is sophomore second-year player David Weiner.  

Weiner is making his varsity debut on the bowling team and believes that the success stems from the competitive nature of the team. 

“Everyone on the team just wants the best for each other so we can dominate our matches,” said Weiner.  

For Weiner and many other high school athletes, skill and proficiency in the sport being played is not the only thing gained from being on a team.

“I learned teamwork as well as respectfulness during my bowling experience,” said Weiner.

While many students understand the basic rules of basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and many other sports, some don’t fully understand the rules bowling has as a competitive sport rather than as a recreational activity. 

During high school matches, the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams play on adjacent lanes.  Each player plays a game in order for the total points to be tallied up for a final team score.  Each bowling game is divided into 10 frames, where each bowler earns one point for each pin they knock down.

On top of these points, bonus points are added for each strike and spare.  A strike is when the bowler manages to knock down all of the pins in one turn. Meanwhile, a spare is when it takes two turns to do so.

A strike scores 10 points plus the total of the next two balls, while a spare scores 10 points plus the score of the next ball.  According to these rules, it is easy to see how bowling can be considered an endurance sport, as each play is just as important as the last.

For each of the players on the team, bowling games prove to be a fun, yet competitive atmosphere where each player works to the best of their ability to contribute to the team’s success.

“[Bowling is] entertaining, competitive, teamwork, hardworking, precise,” said Weiner when asked to describe the sport in five words.  

From their overall improvement as a team to their performance thus far in the season, the boys bowling team has proven themselves to be a tough opponent to all the other teams in their division.  The boys continue to make a name for themselves and Schreiber all over Nassau County.