Students introduce new club to Schreiber community

Sophie Roth, Contributing Writer

In the past few years, the Ed Foundation has created a Junior Board in order to form a relationship with high school students.  With adult members of the Foundation helping the students to raise awareness about new grants and projects provided by the Ed Foundation, the new club now has over 40 members.

The Ed Foundation Junior Board has provided students of all interests with some unique opportunities that some believe cannot be found in many other clubs.

“The Junior Board allows the students who are directly affected by the grants to be more involved,” said co-president of the club senior Elizabeth McDermott. 

McDermott works alongside her follow co-presidents, seniors Tyler Greenberg and Ryan Siegel, to organize club meetings and keep the members updated on new events.  Helping out at the Weber Open House, the Schreiber Open House, and the Ed Foundation’s Progressive Dinner, the members of the Junior Board are working with community members of all ages in order to raise awareness about the grants that are being provided throughout the school district.

“I have learned that the Foundation has raised a lot of money for our school district and has provided many students with resources to enhance their learning experience,” said junior Allison Wong.  “I am so proud to be a part of an organization that allows students like myself to have unique opportunities at school.” 

With the 2018-2019 grants, such as an American Sign Language Assembly, Immersive Problem Solving, FACS Sewing Machine Update, and STEM clubs in the elementary schools, the Ed Foundation is said to be working hard in an effort to create engaging programs for all different areas of education.

With the creation of positions such as co-presidents, Executive Vice Presidents, Recruitment Chairs, Support Center Managers, Recording Secretaries, and a Schreiber TV Liaison, the Ed Foundation Junior Board believes that the avid participation of students in these positions will allow the Ed Foundation to more directly communicate with the students they are aiming to help.

On March 19 the Ed. Foundation will also be hosting an event to spread awareness about American Sign Language. The event will be held in school, and the eventual goal is for Port Washington to offer ASL as a language.

“The Ed Foundation is an important club for our school to have. We wouldn’t have the English Lab, Chrome carts, dance classrooms, and much more without it,” said Greenberg.

Despite the foundation playing such a large role in the lives of high school students, it is often surprising how students in the Port Washington School District are still unaware of the Ed Foundation’s purpose and goals. 

The members of this new club believes that the club has the ability to provide students with thought provoking assemblies, programs, and projects that the student body will likely find interesting.  Providing students with a curriculum that they play a role in creating, the Ed Foundation Junior Board bases its incentive on giving a voice to the students who, so often, go voiceless.