Quinn XCII releases a new album, From Michigan With Love


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Quinn XCII album, From Michigan With Love is a follow-up to his 2017 album, The Story of Us.

Quinn XCII, an up-and-coming artist, released his new album From Michigan With Love on Feb. 15.  Since its release, this album has sparked the ears of many teenagers across the globe.

Quinn XCII began producing music and featuring in songs in 2016, but many say his biggest debut into the music industry was at The 2018 Governor’s Ball.  His music generally gives off good vibes for listeners, and keeps them in an all-around happy mood.

Although many of Quinn XCII’s previous songs are quirky and fun, this album hit closer to home for many people.  The 12 songs in this album touch upon his personal struggles with anxiety and mental health in the past.

“Whenever high school stresses get the best of me, I use Quinn XCII’s songs as an outlet.  I wish I could’ve gone to his concert in New York City,” said sophomore Kate Steigman.

Unlike many popular artists in today’s society, Quinn XCII makes sure that he never forgets where he came from.  It is widely noticed by many of his listeners that he mentions his home, Michigan, in some songs.  Later, he named his entire album after it, with all of this proving that Quinn XCII tries to wear his hometown on his sleeve as much as he can.

Quinn XCII finally kicked off his tour on Nov. 6 of last year, and sold out many of his shows.  His tour stops at 30 cities throughout North America, as well as eight cities in Europe.

Throughout 2018, the popularity of Quinn XCII’s music skyrocketed. Over the year, his platform gained hundreds of new listeners everyday, which explains why he is participating in such a lengthy tour.

“Quinn XCII was one of the only artists I listened to this summer, and I was so happy to attend his concert over February break,” said junior Josie Harris.  “It was so fun to see such an amazing artist in real life.  Also, everybody that was at the concert knew every word to his songs; he has such an invested audience and it was truly a very cool experience.”

One of his new songs from the album Tough (feat. Noah Kahan) already has over nine million listens on Spotify. It touches upon the insecurities of those who pretend to be strong in the eyes of the public.   He uses lyrics like “you’re not so tough” to emphasize this idea that everything is not when it seems.

Many teenagers enjoy his music as they find it relatable and unique compared to other mainstream artists.  Quinn XCII also collaborates with other musical influencers in From Michigan With Love, which helped in making the album even more successful.

Some of the other artists on his new album include Ashe, Louis Futon, Yoshi Flower, Elohim, and Noah Kahan.  He also has many songs with Chelsea Cutler, who he brought out at Govball last June.

“When I went to Govball, I had never heard of Quinn before but after watching him perform live I love listening to his music.  He had everyone involved by jumping around and singing and even brought out another musical artist, Chelsea Cutler,” said junior Laura Zion.

Quinn XCII continues to inspire many people with his new album, From Michigan With Love.  The incredible album receives new listeners daily, and will hopefully lead to more tours in the future.