Port’s Bach2Rock hosts annual Battle of the Bands for local musicians



The Back2Rock event was held on April 13 for all Port residents to enjoy. All enrolled bands were given coaches to help them with performances.

Lily Labella, Staff Writer

On April 13, an all-adult battle of the bands was held at the local Polish Hall. To get involved in this Battle of the Bands, a band must be formed through Bach to Rock (B2R).  In order for a musician to enroll, they are able to do so as a band and do not have to already be taking music classes in order to do so.

All enrolled bands are given coaches to guide members in the creation of cover sets and original music, and generally provide professional guidance.

It is also possible for a band to rent practice space at B2R.  If a band has been practicing long enough to show proficiency in their music, they are eligible to participate in Battle of the Bands, and there is no set entry deadline.

In regards to age requirements, musicians have to be at least six years old to start competing, but the age limit is very flexible.

“You can do it as long as you’re not in college,” said sophomore Jonathan Goldberg, who won last year’s high school battle with his band “No Nonsense.”

The Grand Prize includes four hours in Bach to Rock’s recording studio, and last year’s winner, “No Nonsense,” had the privilege of working with a sound engineer to record their own songs free of charge.  “M.O.A.B. (Mother of All Bands)” and “Dead Memes” were 2018’s high school runner up bands, and both received two hours in the recording studio.

Tickets cost $55, or $50 if purchased ahead of time, and all proceeds went towards the Schreiber Gambol.  This year’s event featured bands such as On the Rocks, Rock Steady and Lil’ Sammy and the Funked up Daddies, and food and beverages will be offered to the audience.

“I’m so glad we have this event in oder to raise money for our senior prom,” said senior Caitlin Kane.

Elana Hayden, the owner and manager of B2R, expressed her anticipation ahead of the performances of this year’s competition.

“All the bands did really well. It’s like the Olympics; everybody trains and trains, but it’s really how you do on that day that’s going to matter,” said Hayden.  “Anything can happen, but every band managed to do a spectacular job.”

Many of the attendees enjoyed the amenities and live music, and commented on how they are now looking forward to the 2019 Gambol even more, knowing that they helped raise money for the event.