Netflix binge watchers are ready for a second season of Ginny and Georga

Ellie Ross, Staff Writer

Netflix producer Anya Adams has recently created one of her best works yet.  Although the series Scrubs and The Comeback were extremely successful, Ginny and Georgia has been the newest craze.  

 This drama, released on Feb. 24, revolves around a mother, Georgia, and her two kids who have just moved to a suburban community in Massachusetts.  Despite the fact that Georgia became a mother to Ginny when she was only 15 years old, they have a strong bond.  This comedy-drama sheds light onto the relationship between a mother and daughter as well as the individual lives of both women.

“I am so excited to begin watching this series!  I have recently heard about it and it’s great reviews,” said sophomore Geordan Sparber. 

While watching the show, fans are able to view the lives of both Georgia and Ginny.   After Ginny begins making friends at her new school, she attends a party where she participates in activities that involve harming herself.  Ginny has become a part of a friend group with three other girls, Max, Abby, and Nora.  Each girl frequently betrays the other, leaving Ginny with anxiety considering that she feels that it is because she is the only African American member of the group.  Ginny encounters many obstacles throughout the series, through which  she handles the struggles of friendship, class, and race.  

In the midst of Ginny’s high school drama, Georgia is successful in finding a job working for the town mayor, but it is later revealed that Georgia’s past consists of illegal activity, which leads her to cover up her actions.  

Georgia is not the best mother.  Because Ginny’s younger brother, Austin, is also oddly comfortable with the idea of violent behaviors, he stabs a classmate.  Georgia barely acknowledges this considering that this could harm her family.  She also hides information from Ginny in order to protect her. 

This television series consists of an incredible cast.  Viewers may recognize her from Candy Jar or Driver’s Ed: Tales from the Street, but Antonia Gentry now plays the role of Ginny MillerHer mother, Georgia Miller, is played by Brianne Howey who appeared with a minor recurring part on the popular show Criminal Minds.  

Diesel La Torraca plays Austin, Georgia’s son and Ginny’s younger brother, in the series.  He began working in the entertainment industry at a young age.  Today, he is a famous Australian-American actor, television personality, model, social media influencer, and a voice artist.  Ginny and Georgia contains such a thrilling cast, which is part of the reason as to why it is currently so popular. 

“I love all of the actors from the show Criminal Minds, so I can’t wait to start watching Ginny and Georgia,” said freshman Natasha Rabman. 

Because of the fantastic plot, amazing cast, and great producers, Ginny and Georgia has been the most watched television series on Netflix’s U.S. top ten charts.  Fans cannot wait for the second season to be released around February 2022.