Tate McRae Rises to Fame

Tate McRae Rises to Fame

Alexis Levine, Staff Writer

Tate McRae, Canadian singer, songwriter, and dancer, has become increasingly popular through social media, specifically through TikTok.  Her songs include emotional and relatable lyrics, which brought her 3. 8 million followers on TikTok at the age of 20.   

McRae’s fame began when she was  13 years old and  featured on So You Think You Can Dance.  In 2019, her original song “One Day” went viral through her YouTube channel, and she released her first album, All the Things I Never Said, to follow.  Her real fame hit when she released the international hit “You Broke Me First” in 2020.  

McRae was born in Canada and moved to Oman as a child with her family, where she attended The American International School, Muscat.  Her dance career took off from there; however, it was quickly surpassed by her music career as she began to release music on Spotify starting in 2017.  In 2020, she was featured on Billboard’s 21 Under 21 One to Watch list, becoming a new pop sensation.  

“During quarantine, I discovered Tate McRae through TikTok and immediately loved her music.  The lyrics are relatable to the audience of teenage girls, and I think her songs provided comfort to many during the times of isolation,” said sophomore Ruby Ader.  

By the end of 2021 her second album, Too Young to be Sad, received over one billion Spotify streams and was nominated for several awards.  In Feb., she released “She’s all I Wanna Be,” debuting two million streams the first day of release. 

McRae has announced her upcoming tour with Khalid and the release of her new album in the spring of 2022.  McRae is performing around the country as well as in Canada, Ireland, Australia, Norway, Amsterdam, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, and Great Britain.  Ticket prices range from $100-$500, depending on the location and seat.  While McRae has not released a setlist, she is likely to sing top hits such as “Bad Ones,” “All The Things I Never Said,” “That Way,” “You Broke Me Firs,t” “All My Friends Are Fake,” and “Stupid.”  Her tour started Mar. 10 and has shows scheduled around the world until Oct.  

“I was so excited when she announced her tour, and I hope to get tickets.  I am a big fan of Tate as I feel like people can really relate to her music and feel a connection toward her,” said sophomore Sienna Cacossa.  

Tate McRae has used her TikTok platform to promote her career in many ways.  She frequently leaks verses of unreleased songs, segments of music videos, upcoming tours, performances, and makes relatable content surrounding the everyday conflicts faced by the average girl. 

“I follow Tate McRae on TikTok and find her content to be entertaining and relatable to my own life.  She usually posts videos regarding her music and career, and by actively posting, she gains even more fame and recognition,” said sophomore Izzy Montaigne.  

As this new celebrity rises to fame, her shows are being sold out, and her songs are being widely listened to all over TikTok.   It has recently been announced that she will be opening for Shawn Mendes in his upcoming tour, Wonder the World Tour, starting in Oct.