Editorial: Varying temperatures in school

As the year goes on, many students and faculty members wonder just when the school will solve the important issue of varying temperatures.  As the winter season passes by, many students and teachers have complained on the different temperature levels each floor has. However, this problem is not unique to the winter months.

For instance, the social studies hallway and even classrooms are notorious for being hot during summer and freezing during winter.  On the contrary, other floors are able to maintain warmer temperatures during winter, meaning that students will have to constantly switch between wearing their jackets and taking them off.  This can be a nuisance when students need to take exams during this time or when a teacher has an important lecture.

There is also an issue on school temperature during the summer, when students have even passed out in their social studies classes due to the excessive heat.

Also, certain math classes can be chilly during the summertime, as the A/C tends to reach their floor first, meaning that students might even have to bring jackets during the summertime in order to stay warm. This is a distraction to learning and should not be allowed to continue.

While this problem has been discussed for many years, there have been barely any changes made in response to these issues.  The differences in temperature throughout the school need to be addressed, and action must be taken to fix this ongoing problem that affects our school community.