SADD Animal Shelter Fundraiser

For two years now, students and faculty involved in the Students Against Destructive
Decisions club have donated money, animal food, and necessary supplies to the Valley Stream
Animal Shelter. Many people in the school community have contributed to help provide better
lives for animals and have been successful in raising a lot money for this special cause.
“It makes me really happy to know that I am helping many animals that are in need. I
have three pets and I would never want any of them to suffer,” said sophomore, and SADD
member, Phoebe Levitsky.
The Valley Stream Animal Shelter has found many stray cats on the streets in town,
and as a response they have begun a cat adoption program that has evoked a huge sense of
pride in all people involved.
Many volunteers contribute to saving the lives of the various cats found roaming alone
and these cats thrive on donations which provide food, litter boxes, and medical treatments to
help them survive.
“Cats seem to be the most abused pets. Since animals are very important to me, it is
very pleasing to see so many volunteers willing to help these animals out,” said freshman
Bryson Shaub.
Valley Stream Animal Shelter also provides a safe haven for all species of pets. Pet
hotels like the one at this shelter were created for pet owners who would be away for a couple
days and wanted to leave their pets with the best care. For the pet owners who are extremely
busy and have too much work on their plate, pet taxis are provided to bring their pets back
home from this care center.
In correlation with wanting to provide the best care for pets, grooming is included when
pets are looked after at Valley Stream Animal Shelter. Nails will be clipped, hair trimmed and
styled, teeth brushed, and muscles relaxed through special massages.
Playtime is also essential for pets which is why a special dog and cat areas are available
for pet use. Along with this special treatment comes a personal caregiver that acts as a
substitute for the pet owner while they are away. This professional will spend time with a
person’s pet while they eat, play, and exercise.
“It is extremely important that these animals are effectively taken care of by such helpful
people because they are such loving creatures,” said freshman Geordan Sparber.
In order to promote and encourage all of the incredible things this animal shelter is
doing, the Schreiber SADD club has chosen to fundraise and donate to animals in need.