College Corner: Binghamton Student Profile

Senior year is an exciting time for many students, but with this excitement also comes the stress of applying to college.  Choosing where to go to college is an extremely important decision, and one that can be tough for students.  Binghamton University is an excellent choice for students who want what it has to offer.  Former Schreiber student and current freshman at Binghamton, Amy Baxter, has answered some questions about why it was the right choice for her.

The first question many people ask college students is why they chose their specific university.  One important factor in the decision-making process is the environment that a student wants to be in at school. 

 “I chose Binghamton for a couple of reasons.  Spending the day on campus with tour guides and other Binghamton students made me realize how big the community is here.  Everyone was so friendly, and I felt comfortable talking to professors and even older students walking around campus.  My three favorite things about Binghamton have to be the friendly students and faculty, the accessibility to off-campus stores and restaurants, and the local downtown area, which gives the feel of both a small city and a campus,” said Baxter.

Of course, college students have hours of classes and homework daily, and a key aspect of college is time management and studying.  At Binghamton, there are plenty of good study spots on campus to complete work or prepare for exams. 

 “My three favorites would be the Innovation Lab in Bartle Library, the first floor of Hinman Dining Hall, and the MarketPlace’s outdoor patio located at the University Union,” said Baxter.

Hinman Dining Hall offers many different choices of food as well as a convenience store and a Starbucks coffee shop.  Bartle Library is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and has a multitude of databases, journals, books, and websites available for students to use, regardless of their major.

For many students, sports are a key factor in the big decision.  Binghamton offers wonderful opportunities for either participants or spectators.  The Binghamton Bearcats play in NCAA Division I, but there are also many options for club and intramural sports for students.  

 “I think the best sports to watch at Binghamton are hockey and basketball.  The student sections are always very energetic and they are great reminders of the school spirit on campus,” said Baxter.

To get more involved and meet new people once you arrive at college, clubs are a great opportunity.  At Binghamton, there are a wide variety of clubs that fit all different kinds of students.  The university offers more than 450 clubs and organizations such as art, origami, poker, and many more.  

“The clubs range anywhere from fans of Taylor Swift, Arts and Crafts clubs, and Binghamton’s most well-known club, the Cheese Club.  One club that I love in particular is Binghamton’s Challah for Hunger club, where we bake and sell challah every week, and then donate the proceeds to charities,” said Baxter.

Off-campus activities are also excellent at Binghamton for when students have to get necessities or just want to hang out and explore.  Off Campus College Transportation is a student run transit service, and there is no cost — only a scan of your University ID is necessary.  This transportation system can take students to many locations both on and off campus.  

“There is a bus that will take you to Target and Walmart for all your necessities, and it can take you to downtown Binghamton.  The downtown area is great if you want to explore with your friends on a weekend or grab brunch to take a break from campus food,” said Baxter.

Additionally, Binghamton’s campus is located in a woody area with scenic views and aesthetically pleasing architecture.  Binghamton has a circular campus design made to be very connected and easy to navigate.

“The format of the campus is super nice because if you get confused, there are signs and landmarks almost everywhere around so it becomes easy to navigate pretty quickly.  There are underground passages in the University Union, so when it gets cold, you can use them to walk from the Marketplace to the mailroom to the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development,” said Baxter. 

If the information in this article spiked your interest, consider checking out Binghamton University.  It is a great option for school with so many different academic offerings and sports.