Yamaguchi and Hana offer a unique Japanese dining experimence

Izzy Gold, Staff Writer

After much anticipation, Yamaguchi has reopened its doors to the public.  Almost three years ago, the popular Japanese restaurant closed due to a house fire, but has since moved to 49 Main St.  Despite the location change, much of the staff and menu remain.

“I used to go to Yamaguchi all the time with my family.  I am so glad the restaurant has reopened,” said senior Talia Silverstein.

Yamaguchi is known for its extremely fresh sushi and sashimi.  It has a vast selection of gourmet Japanese cuisine.

“Yamaguchi’s fish is better than any other restaurant on Long Island.  I particularly enjoy the salmon sashimi as well as the spicy tuna rolls,” said senior Jenna Hecht.

If you are not a fan of raw fish, Yamaguchi offers many hot dishes, such as shrimp tempura, chicken teriyaki, and tempura udon soup.  Many people also enjoy the restaurant’s house salad dressing.

“I am obsessed with the salad dressing.  Every time we order take out from the restaurant, we make sure to get a pint of their salad dressing,” said freshman Carly Hecht.

Although many Port residents love Yamaguchi’s food, there have been many complaints about its service.  Even if you have a reservation, you can end up waiting up to 30 minutes to be seated.

“I went to Yamaguchi a few weeks ago with six other friends with a reservation.  Our table was ready when we got there, but we waited an hour to get our food from the sushi bar.  We ended up staying at the restaurant for two hours.  However, I have been back the restaurant a few times since, and the service has gotten better each time,” said freshman Annabelle Landau.

Additionally, Yamaguchi does not deliver, but it is still open for lunch and have a take out option.

In addition to Yamaguchi, another Japanese restaurant has opened in Port Washington.  Hana opened this summer and is located at 14 Haven Ave, across from the train station.This restaurant is known for its excellent sushi bar, as well as a variety of hot dishes.

“The décor in Hana is beautiful, and the service is great.  However, there was nothing special about the restaurant.  I have not been back since the beginning of the summer,” said senior Carly Lanzkowsky.

Although the food at Hana is considered excellent, its prices are too high for many.

“The food at Hana is good, but nothing special.  I could have gone to Toku for a better meal for the same price,” said senior Arianna Gabriel.

The menu at Hana is quite different than the other sushi restaurants in Port Washington, offering dishes like a full main lobster and surf and turf with authentic Japanese steak.  However, this does not appeal to many students.

Like Yamaguchi, Hana does not deliver, but it does take out orders.  Unlike many other sushi restaurants in Port Washington, Hana is only open for dinner.