Good Eats: Midterms require stress-eating done the right way

Leah Taylor, Contributing Writer

We’re almost finished with second quarter, which means that midterms are approaching.  Students will be staying up late, studying, and spending their days reviewing notes or reading.

Although many students will resort to coffee or energy drinks to keep them awake, there are so many other healthy foods that  keep students focused and energized while they are hard at work.

“The best snacks that help me focus are protein granola bars,” says sophomore Sofia Kuusisto.  “They’re yummy and tide you over for a little.”

Whole grain snacks contain essential vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy and aid in energy, metabolism, nerve function, and cell growth.

Granola has also almost every essential mineral, including magnesium, which helps in enzyme reactions that increase energy production.  This thus boosts concentration and the brain’s ability to retain information, so studying will be more efficient and effective. Granola can be paired with a cup of yogurt, or at the bottom of an acai bowl. They can also be purchased as granola bars from brands like Nature Valley and Special K which are quicker options for study foods.

“I love avocados,” said sophomore Dalia Bercow. “They are great for breakfast when I know I have a long day of studying ahead.”

Avocados have lots of beneficial qualities, including providing energy. They are considered a “super-food” and will help people stay focused when working hard. They can be eaten on toast as well as in a salad or a sandwich.

Other favorites for late night study sessions include dried fruit, coconut, and yogurt. These snacks provide benefits from various food groups, giving bodies and minds the energy necessary to focus on the information they need to learn.