What your zodiac sign has planned for the transition into the new year

Zoe Basulto and Julia Bischoff

Aries- With winter break quickly approaching, as well as Jupiter, it is a great time for you to get away.  If you can, travel to clear your mind, or if you are not able to get away this break, try going for a long drive or a new place you’ve never been to.  You have a lot going on, but try your best to stay above the stress, you’ll have a great month.

Taurus- Good luck is on its way!  That is, if it hasn’t already hit you yet.  December is going smoothly.  However, you have thrown yourself into your school work over the past couple of months, and with Venus coming into your partnership house, it is the perfect time for you to focus on some of your personal relationships.  Get out of of your study cocoon and go have some fun!

Gemini- December is a time for you to get ahead.  Buy your gifts early, start studying in advance, and do all your homework on time.  However, it is also a time for you to advance your relationships.  With the sun moving into your partnership house, emotions will become fiery, making it the perfect time to ask out your crush.  After all, “all I want for Christmas is you!”

Cancer- This is definitely going to be your month!  All of the gifts you have really been needing are going to arrive, and they might not even be physical or fancy.  It could just be an old friend reaching out, or a new pair of socks since your old ones had holes in them.  Be grateful this month, and all will turn out well.

Leo- Buying gifts for all of your friends is expensive!  Although you may not be able to afford gifts without financial strain, remember that the best gift of all is your love and friendship! Snuggle up and watch a good movie, perhaps, instead of buying that expensive gift. The new year is also a great time for you to start saving up for the upcoming year.

Virgo-  The new moon is coming into Sagittarius for you, so there are big changes coming in your life!  Maybe that Christmas gift that you’ve been so excited for is a new puppy, or something you’ve have been really worried about with turn out alright.  In the end, you’ll come out on top this December.

Libra- With the change in year, change your outlook on school.  Rather than seeing it as something you must go to, try to find one or two classes that you’re interested in.  Do some outside research in the subject, and contribute an alternative perspective to your class.

Scorpio- With Uranus in full swing for the first six months, make sure you start your year off on the right foot.  Make your New Year’s resolution realistic and try your best to follow through and stick with it.  

Sagittarius- In the upcoming year, Jupiter will return to the Sagittarius sign.  As a result, your year will be filled with happiness and improvements.  If your relationships or academic life have been a struggle this past year, Jupiter will support you as you start fresh next month.

Capricorn- With the school year nearing the halfway point, make sure that you are making the most out of your year.  It’s never too late to start going to some clubs in Schreiber or maybe even starting your own. Ensure that you have taken advantage of all possibilities so when you look back at the school year in June, you will have no regrets or missed opportunities. 

Aquarius- As mercury is no longer in retrograde, your life should start getting back on track.  Push through the rest of December and start January on the right foot.  If you start going to bed earlier and eating healthier, you’re sure to thrive.

Pisces- Because Jupiter will be orbiting so close to the sun, the sun will be sure to shine down on you!  Also, your academic career will reach a high point and you may even discover your intellectual passions.  Make sure to keep an eye out for what sparks your interest.

*The writers of Schreiber Times are in no way trained astrologists and all suggestions given in the above article should be taken lightly.