Anthony Scaramucci speaks at PWPL

Eleni Christou, Staff Writer

On Dec. 23, Anthony Scaramucci, who served as President Trump’s Director of Communications for a short period of time in 2017, spoke at the Port Washington Public Library to educate the community about his new book, TRUMP: The Blue Collar President.  Scaramucci has a special connection with Port Washington:  he grew up here and still remains connected to the community as he has relatives who reside here. 

Many Port citizens and Schreiber students alike gathered at the library to hear Scaramucci speak.  

 “Learning more about the meaning behind his book has interested me more in politics and allowed me to open my eyes to the world,” said senior Naomi Steinberg.  

At the event, Scaramucci promoted his book, which addresses the current political situation in the country.  In the book, he explains in depth to readers about what the job of Director of Communications actually entails.  Scaramucci also reflects on the ten days he spent working in the White House.  He states that even though he only served in his position for a short time, he was still able to learn and grow from the experience.  

“Hearing about this inspired me as it reminded me that regardless of whether something doesn’t go the way you had hoped, you could always take an experience and learn from it,” said sophomore Bella Feigin. 

Scaramucci discussed how his book addresses his upbringing in a blue collar family. While at one point in his life he supported Barack Obama, he states that his appreciation for President Trump grew because of Scaramucci’s support for his economic policies.  

Scaramucci’s presentation of his book to the Port Washington community provided an opportunity for people to reflect on the political situation existing in the country today. 

“Although I wasn’t able to attend the event, I was looking forward to being able to hear someone, who was previously a member of our President’s White House, speak about his book because it allows people to hear his view of Donald Trump’s administration,” said junior Charlotte Forman.