Good eats: favorite fall foods edition!


Emily Djohan, Staff Writer

From pumpkin bread to apple pie, fall is a season for sweet treats that make you feel warm inside.

Many classic fall desserts are made from apples, including apple pie, apple strudel, and apple cider.  Anyone can go apple picking and get apples for these delicious recipes.

“I absolutely love apple pie because it’s sweet and brings back memories of Thanksgiving,” said junior Amanda Cotumaccio.

Other fan-favorite desserts are pumpkin-based.  For example, many people enjoy the iconic pumpkin spice latte, which can be homemade or bought from your local coffee shop.  Most recipes for these lattes include pumpkin purée, milk, sugar, coffee, and vanilla extract.  

The pumpkin spice latte isn’t the only fall recipe that involves pumpkin purée.  Other dishes include pumpkin pie bites, pumpkin scones, or creamy pumpkin pasta.  Pumpkin purée can be homemade, using small baking pumpkins.  Even the seeds of the pumpkin can be roasted.

“My favorite pumpkin treat is pumpkin pie because I enjoy making it with my family,” said junior Celina Chen.

Another fall flavor is pear.  This fruit can be incorporated into an assortment of meals.  Pears don’t receive the same hype as apples or pumpkins, but there are still a variety of delicious pear-based recipes.  One might think that this sweet fruit isn’t suitable as a main entree, but that isn’t true.  Some interesting pear dishes include pear and cheese ravioli, roasted pear with balsamic vinegar and wine, and baked goat cheese salad with pear.  These spice-filled recipes provide the sense of warmth that is associated with fall foods.

“I think fall pear-based foods are good, depending on how it’s used.  For example, I enjoy pear flavors in desserts or salads, but dislike them in savory dinner foods,” said junior Ray Persaud.

Lastly, cranberry is also a popular flavor for autumn.  Cranberry side dishes are traditionally popular for Thanksgiving.  However, cranberries are quite versatile and can be used in lots of recipes.  They can be incorporated into crumb bars, salsa, brownies, and cheesecake.

“I specifically love cranberry sauce.  My mom used to make cranberry sauce every Thanksgiving.  It is a family tradition,” said sophomore Abrielle Weissman.

Fall foods are full of unique flavors.  Take advantage of this fall to try a new seasonal flavor.  You may discover a new favorite recipe.