College Corner: Boston University Edition


Chloe Ducharme , Contributing Writer

The start of a new school year can be an exciting experience for many students, but for seniors, that excitement may come with some stress as many are applying to colleges.  One of the most difficult decisions to make is where you want to spend the next four years of your life.  The application process can be a struggle, but there is satisfaction in finding the perfect fit.  There are so many different places that are great to consider, one being Boston University. 

Boston University is an excellent school to attend for countless reasons.  The university offers over 300 majors and minors and has 10 undergraduate schools and colleges, making the academic opportunities practically endless.  Also, according to QS Best Student Cities 2018, Boston is one of the world’s top 15 academic cities, attracting both educational and professional opportunities. Recent Schreiber graduate, Dylan Trenaman (Class of ‘20), shares his personal experience at Boston University. 

¨I picked Boston for many different reasons. One is that it is a great business school,¨ said Trenaman.

According to US News, Boston University is ranked #50 in Best Business Schools.  The school is called the Questrom School of Business, and each year following graduation, 92% of recent graduates are employed within 3 months.  Questrom features both undergraduate and graduate programs, and it was placed in the top ten business schools to watch in 2020. 

BU is famous for journalism, social sciences, and biological and biomedical sciences.  

BU is also known for its study abroad programs.  For the second year in a row, it is ranked #12 among campuses with the most international students on campus, and #1 among campuses with the most students studying abroad.

One of its newest buildings in the process of being built is the new center for Computing and Data Sciences, and the architect is aiming for carbon neutrality.   Another interesting thing about this new construction is that it is designed to resemble a stack of books, which demonstrates how fascinating and unique the architecture is at BU.  Boston University is also known to have a fully tricked-out gym which attracts many students.  In addition, there are buses everywhere that can take you pretty much anywhere in the city. 

“On campus, there are so many cool buildings to see.  Also, there are always people hanging out in the dorm lounges or playing on the outdoor courts or fields so there’s always something to do,” said Trenaman. 

He describes the campus of Boston University to be entertaining and never boring.  It’s located at the heart of the city, so it’s near so many different places.  The White Horse Tavern is a college hangout where students like him and his friends like to congregate.  He describes it as a casual vibe with good food and drinks.  However, his favorite thing to do is go to the rec center.

“My favorite spot on campus is the rec center because there are different floors with workout machines, basketball and tennis courts, a hot tub, and sauna,” said Trenaman.

In addition to a thrilling campus, BU offers clubs for pretty much every interest, and there are separate clubs for each school.  On top of that, the university has very good athletics all around, but the sport they are most known for is ice hockey.  The hockey games are always extremely spirited and fun to watch.

Although there are a variety of schools to choose from, Boston University has a lot to offer and should definitely be considered.  From the gorgeous campus to the excellent professors, Boston is a great place to spend your next four years.