Signs of Spring


Ruby Ader, Staff Writer

Spring is in the air!  If you have gone outside recently, you may have noticed a significant increase in temperature and some leaves reappearing on trees.  It was only six months ago that we moved our clocks back by one hour, and it was just last weekend that we moved our clocks forward one hour.  Daylight Savings in the spring moves the sunset to a later time, allowing us to enjoy another hour of light.  Although it will be dark in the mornings when we wake up for school, the extra hour of sunlight makes it feel as if the day lasts longer.   

On Groundhog Day this year, which fell on Feb. 2, the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and predicted six additional weeks of winter. 

 “Groundhog Day is always a reminder that spring is always just around the corner, despite him seeing his shadow,” said sophomore Lindsay Caslow.   

In addition, spring sports at Schreiber are starting up again.  Baseball, lacrosse, spring track, softball, boys tennis, girls badminton, and boys golf are all underway at both the junior varsity and varsity levels, allowing students of all grade levels to represent the high school on the field or court.  Although the weather has been fairly unreliable and inconsistent this past year, we hope it will get warmer in the upcoming weeks for the outdoor student-athletes.

Around town, you may have noticed that the snowflakes previously hung on top of street lamps have been removed. Stores are now selling more spring-related products, such as Easter eggs and Peeps marshmallows.  Many stores have changed their storefronts and windows to include more springlike clothing styles or to incorporate the bright colors of spring into their displays. 

AP exams are also not that far away for many classes in our school, which is another indicator that spring is nearly upon us. 

“My AP World History exam is in only seven weeks from now, and it seems like school just started,” said sophomore Alexis Levine. 

One of those seven weeks until AP exams includes April break.  April break is a great time to go away on vacation or to stay home and enjoy the nicer weather.  Many flowers will start to blossom and bloom during this time, and many more people will be taking walks around town, going out on the water on their boats, or spending time at the local nature preserves.  

This year’s March Madness, an NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament with many well-known colleges, is also underway.  The ending of March Madness coincides with the end of the college basketball season, and this creates a spotlight for other collegiate sports, like lacrosse and baseball. 

 “I’m so excited to watch the March Madness games and see who wins.  I always compete against my family and friends to see who has created the better bracket.  It’s such a fun time!” said sophomore Natasha Rabman.

Many animals, such as bears, wood frogs, ground squirrels, snails, hedgehogs, skunks, raccoons, and woodchucks, come out of hibernation and back into the outside world between March and May.  On top of those animals, garter snakes, box turtles, bats, bees, and chipmunks will be waiting for new grass and crops to appear in their environments.  Insects are also likely to return soon, as plants grow and the weather warms.

As you can see, springtime brings a lot of fun and exciting things to do.  It also comes with challenges, like mosquitoes always biting at your skin.  Start to dress for the warm weather, and do not forget an umbrella and perhaps some mosquito repellent.