Staff 2018-2019

Dear Staff,

We are excited to announce the positions for the 2018-2019 school year.  It was difficult to choose from such a large pool of qualified applicants, but we are confident that we have assembled a dynamic team.  The masthead is full of enthusiasm, talent, and dedication, and we look forward to seeing an abundance of new faces in the Pub Room next year!


Adi, Ms. Cotter, and Ms. Zarkh  



Becky Han

Managing Editor

August Zeidman

Creative Director

Brittany Polevikov

Copy Editors

Rebecca Charno

Noah Sollinger


Emily Levine

Autumn Moon

Assistant: Jacob Gottesman


Samantha Viel

Leah Doubert

Assistant: Noah Loewy


Sydney Kass

Julia Bischoff

Assistant: Zoe Basulto


Charlotte Gold

Emily Milgrim

Assistant: Rachel Kim


Leah Taylor

Assistant: Josh Rosen

Assistant: Aidan Spizz

Graphics Editor

Ava Fasciano

Photo Editor

Jack Lawrence

Kyle Wong

Katie Winter

Web Editor

Gaby Chu

Staff Assistants

Frankie Ader

Kayla Hill

Natalie Smith

Lindsey Smith